Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thanks, Omar

Thanks to my son and my technical advisor, I am able to post a link to the first review of Hot Hot Roti for Dadaji.  The word "Review" is live.  Click on it to go to Ms. Bird's blog.
Review of Hot Hot Roti by Betsy Bird (

Hot Hot Roti arrives home!

I received my copy of the picture book a couple of weeks ago. Nice to be able to hold an 'idea' and a 'dream' in your hand! Reviews of the book are rolling in. A very nice first review by Betsy Bird of School Library Journal. She is a well read and respected children's librarian. Thanks, Betsy! I will try to post the link to the review but until then, try the address below. You will have to cut and paste?

SCBWI Winter Conference 2011, Grand Hyatt, NY

Spent a bit of money but it was definitely worth it. The drive was easy, with the roads relatively traffic free all the way, and even over the Triboro bridge( AKA RFK)onto the river drive (FDR), and into Park Central, a block away from Times Square. Being a little risk averse, I walked the evening before to ascertain the exact location of the conference venue to find it a mere 16 streets and four avenues down from the hotel---translation, a 25 minute brisk walk....a cinch! The roads were icy in places but the walk was refreshing all the way. Nothing nicer than walking the streets of Manhattan. Had a great Friday night dinner at The Colonial and would gladly recommend it to Vietnamese food lovers. Registration was at 7:30 the following morning, followed by a day packed with heavy hitting children's books authors and illustrators. Key note speakers (Lowry, Park, Zarr, Stine) were distinctive, interesting and inspiring and the panelists (Yolen, Look, Williams et all) were engaging and instructive. I enjoyed Zarr. Alhtough now comfortably on the "other side of the track", she was genuine and down to earth. Made me want to run out and get her books from the library. The lunch was mediocre but it was nice to exhange cards (thanks to my son's suggestion) with some other attendees. A great confrence, all in all. I would certainly consider going again, and not merely for an excuse to visit the city. Thanks, SMZ for taking the trip with me.